New Patient Forms

Please read this page carefully
and bring the required paperwork
to your appointment.

New Patient Forms

Please print out and complete these three forms prior to your first appointment. Then, bring these forms to your appointment.  Please do NOT mail or email them. 

VCS APTitude Test

Also, please complete the VCS test prior to your appointment and bring the test results with you.  This short, simple, and inexpensive test is important in understanding whether you may have biotoxin illness which causes many symptoms similar to chronic Lyme disease and which complicates infectious disease treatment.

Arbitration Agreement

At your appointment, you will be asked to sign a statement agreeing to arbitration in the event of a legal dispute with this office or with Dr. Richey.   We have never had any problems.  This statement is required by our professional liability insurance carrier to keep our fees as low as possible.  We all appreciate lower fees!

Thank you very much!

Let food

be thy medicine, 

and medicine 

be thy food.  




Your word

is a lamp

to my feet

and a light

to my path.

~Psalm 119:105



I will cure them,

and will reveal

to them the

abundance of

peace and truth.

~Jeremiah 33:6