Lyme Disease

Check out these links below
to find out more about
chronic Lyme disease.

International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society: ILADS

ILADS Treatment Guidelines

ILADS Brochures

Infectious Disease Society of America:  IDSA

IDSA Treatment Guidelines for Lyme Disease

Centers for Disease Control:  CDC

CDC Lyme Disease

The Lyme Cryme by Beaux Reliosis:  Lyme Cryme

LymeDisease.Org: Lyme Disease Dot Org

American Lyme Disease Foundation:  ALDF

Lyme Disease Association: LDA

Let food

be thy medicine, 

and medicine 

be thy food.  



Your word

is a lamp

to my feet

and a light

to my path.

~Psalm 119:105


I will cure them,

and will reveal

to them the

abundance of

peace and truth.

~Jeremiah 33:6