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"Through the grace of God, I found Dr. Richey.  I was desperate and so sick when I found her that I was almost sobbing.  I called and left a message for an appointment, and she immediately called me back.  She even took time out of her vacation to see me and stayed in touch throughout her vacation!  Who does that?  I'm so sick of the quality of healthcare today.  Doctors zip in and out of your examining room and you're luck if you get a few questions answered!  Dr. Richey spent two hours explaining what was going on with my body.  She combined antibiotics and natural supplements (which I love!) and within ONE week I felt so much better and was resuming a few activities.  I don't know where I'd be without Dr. Richey."


"I want to thank you for all that you have done for me!  I am feeling better.  So much better that I have been able to ride my horse again!  I have no doubt that God put you in my life at this time.  Thank you again!"


"Dr. Richey is extremely intelligent and has vast knowledgeable about Lyme,co-infections, and other factors. She recognized Biotoxin illness in my daughter who has Lyme which turned out to be our home. We have moved and my daughter is now steadily gaining weight thankfully back to her old self, when she was a mere 110 lbs for so years. I appreciate greatly the compassionate and caring person Dr. Richey is, and how hard she works to help my daughter and others.


"I just know that God lead me to see Dr. Richey! Not only does she know exactly what she is doing, but she also keeps costs really low. All other Lyme doctors that I have seen charge a fortune, but not Dr. Richey! She takes lots of time with me and answers all of my questions. She is even available by email nearly 24/7 even on weekends or on vacation! I highly recommend Dr. Richey because she is caring and dedicated to her patients."  


"Dr. Richey did what multiple other traditional doctors did not do. She took my daughter's Lyme disease symptoms seriously and carefully administered proper treatment to return my daughter to good health. I am very thankful for Dr. Richey's care and dedication to helping her patients regain not only their health but their former lives."


"If you want to get better from Lyme disease with lots of co-infections, then I suggest that you see Dr. Richey! Do not waste your money elsewhere! She and her family have Lyme disease, too, and she has a vested interested in keeping up-to-date on Lyme treatments. She knows what we are going through because she has gone through the same thing. She will understand you!"


"I never knew how effective a real Doctor-Patient relationship
could be until working with Dr. Richey.
She engaged me in my own healing process from the beginning,
and helped me take responsibility for my recovery
from Lyme, Bartonella and Biotoxin Illness.
Then, she helped me maintain my good health."


"Dr. Richey is successfully treating myself and my family
for Lyme Disease, Co-infections, and Biotoxin Illness.
She stays up to date on all the current treatments.
I recommend her to anyone looking for a LLMD."


"I feel so much better after just a few weeks of treatment! I never thought that I would feel so well again, but now I know that there is hope!
Thanks, Dr. Richey!"


“Dr. Richey saved my husband’s life - literally!! Thanks so much!”


“I am so happy that I am back to normal self now! Dr. Richey knew immediately what was wrong with me, and helped me to quickly get well.”


“I was so sick, but now I am steadily improving. Another LLMD could not help me just with antibiotics. However, Dr. Richey suggested that I use natural products with antibiotics – and this combination is working!”


"I am not a patient of Dr. Richey; however, I know her personally, and, of all the doctors I do know, she is the only one that I would ever trust to find out what was wrong with me and be able to treat it. She's a very caring and wonderful doctor!


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Let food

be thy medicine, 

and medicine 

be thy food.  




Your word

is a lamp

to my feet

and a light

to my path.

~Psalm 119:105



I will cure them,

and will reveal

to them the

abundance of

peace and truth.

~Jeremiah 33:6