Healthy Immunity

We are created with healthy immunity,
but we often need to enhance our immune systems
due to pandemics, chronic infections and toxins.

Yes, you were designed with healthy immunity capable of protecting you wonderfully from germs.  But even more important is that you were also designed to maintain a health terrain, but it takes a little effort and dedication on our part. 

Our medical system is designed around the germ theory of disease from Louis Pasteur.  This theory is wrong.  The germ is not the main problem.  We have way more germs in and on us than we do our own cells.  We are out numbered.  If germs were the problem, then we would not live more than a few days after our birth.

Instead, the truth is terrain theory of disease from Antoine Bechamp.  This theory is correct.  If the terrain is healthy, then we are healthy.  Microbes may be present, but they are living in balance with our cells. Our cells are flourishing.  But if the terrain is toxic, then germs proliferate, and we develop symptoms and disease. 

We do not catch diseases. We build them.
We have to eat, drink, think, and feel them into existence.
We work hard at developing our diseases.
We must work just as hard at restoring health.
The presence of germs does not constitute the presence of disease.

~Antoine Bechamp

Mosquitoes are drawn to scum ponds, and flies are drawn to garbage dumps.  The mosquitoes and the flies are not the underlying problems.  Instead, the stagnant water and the garbage are the underlying problems. Thus, we need to primarily get the water flowing and the garbage cleaned up while we are reducing the load of mosquitoes and flies.  Just killing the mosquitoes and flies will not solve the situation because more mosquitoes and flies will be drawn to the area in a never ending cycle.

Thus, health is not about the germ; health is about the terrain.

The microbe is nothing;
the terrain is everything.
~Louis Pasteur (on his death bed)

Now, to dig even deeper, Antoine Bechamp and then Gunther Enderlein and then Royal Rife investigated pleomorphism where microbes change from a benign form when in a healthy terrain into a pathogenic (disease-producing) form when in a toxic terrain. 

In reality, it is not the bacteria themselves that produce the disease, but we believe it is the chemical constituents of these microorganisms enacting upon the unbalanced cell metabolism of the human body that in actuality produce the disease.
We also believe if the metabolism of the human body is perfectly balanced or poised, it is susceptible to no disease.
~Royal Rife

Thus, we do not "catch" germs.  Instead, we create our own germs in a toxic terrain.  The presence of germs in us is an indication of our toxicity.  Our disease produces the germs.

So, how do our terrains become toxic?  Pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals including dental amalgams, fragrances, electromagnetic radiation (cell towers, 5G, electronic devices and equipment, etc), GMO foods, junk foods, chemtrails, medications (all medications are toxins; weigh risks and benefits), negative emotions (such as living in fear or anger), inadequate sleep, too much stress, unhealthy weight, vaccinations and more.

Vaccination is an outgrowth of germ theory of disease by Pasteur.  Just killing germs will not improve health if the terrain is not optimized.  Also, vaccines are filled with toxins which contribute to an unhealthy terrain.  And then there are the serious side effects from vaccines.  Keep in mind that "safe and effective" is a marketing slogan and not a scientific fact.  (They established a vaccine injury board because they are not safe.  And outbreaks  occur are among the vaccinated population.)  Vaccines are not the answer to healthy immunity.

According to the terrain theory of disease by Bechamp, the answer for healthy immunity is to improve our terrains through healthy living:

Often, while working on the above items, it is necessary to simultaneously reduce the load of pathogenic organisms if you have Lyme disease and other chronic infections in order to restore balance quicker.

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Healthy immunity is your best gift to yourself.

Let food

be thy medicine, 

and medicine 

be thy food.  




Your word

is a lamp

to my feet

and a light

to my path.

~Psalm 119:105



The secret of health

for both mind and body

is not to mourn for the past,

worry about the future,

or anticipate troubles,

but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.

~Buddha (paraphrased)